Did you know?  WordPress 5.6 will ship with jQuery  3.5.1+

The version of jQuery shipped and supported by WordPress is changing from December 2020.

This is a significant change and means that it is likely aspects of your site’s functionality and styling will cease to work following the WordPress 5.5 update.  This includes elements such as gallery, carousel, slideshow, video players, infinite load, tabs, content filters, accordion, mobile menu toggle, date picker, contact forms and many more.

A WordPress jQuery audit can assist by identifying the elements of your site that use jQuery and testing against the latest version, the cost is £240 + VAT per site for sites of up to 150 individual pieces of content, e.g. pages, posts and custom posts, larger site costs will vary.  Once completed, together we will be in the position to create a plan of action covering the approach, costs and timescales for upgrading your site.

If you would like to find out more, and schedule an audit for your site, please contact  Freestyle Internet and we can set up a call.


Q: What is the audit process and will my website be down during the audit?

A: Your live site will not be effected, we duplicate your site onto a development URL, update the jQuery version and from here test all pages and posts for issues.

Once the audit is complete we will know what needs to be updated and have a plan how to achieve this.

Q: Can I just ignore this?

A: You can, it is a legitimate approach to wait for the WordPress upgrade and then see what breaks and then fix the issues.

WordPress controls roughly one in three of all websites, so expect a lot of sites to be in this position in December.

Q: Can my site be left running an older version of WordPress?

A: As a short term fix yes it can, and if you are planning a redevelopment in the next three to six months I would recommend this.

Longer term though this would not be recommended, the site will not be ablate benefit from improvements to WordPress or Plugins and will become increasingly vulnerable to hacking.

Q: Can multiple versions of jQuery run on a site?

A: Yes, and where a specific primary plugin has issues this can be a good approach.

Again, this is not a full fix and would not be seen as a long term solution.

Q: Are discounts available for multiple sites?

A: Yes, especially sites that share the same theme and plugin set-up.

Chris came in, hit the ground running and has done great work for us. No complaints, would use him again if we needed without a second thought. And he was much better than the people we saw from agencies.

David, Marketing Director at The Wine Society