Website design

Your website is your digital home. Make the most of your audience from laptop to smartphone with our professional, effective website designs. From product microsites to complex ecommerce sites, our designs are fluid, easy to use, and targeted precisely at your audience.

Building any website is not just about great looking graphic design, although of course the target audience’s expectations need to be considered, it’s about so much more.

The website needs to work properly, it needs to be easy to navigate and understand and it needs to be inclusive, available to all no matter their individual circumstances.

The website needs to work across different web browsers, screen resolutions and provide the same level of information whichever type of device the visitor is using.

The website needs to be found, by the right people and continually promoted using traditional methods as well as social media.

Freestyle can assist with all aspects, we care about creating websites that are as perfect as they can be, please have a look at our portfolio, then contact us to discuss your requirements.