Search engine optimisation

Don’t get left behind by the search engines. Our search engine optimisation (SEO) services keep your web pages high on Google’s results listings. We use keyword analysis and on-page data optimisation to increase your visibility, and work with in-house copywriters to keep your content fresh and original.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is the combination of many individual factors, each of which contribute in increasing your websites overall visibility and position within the search engine results pages, the key areas are:

Keyword research

Keyword research is the bedrock of effective search engine optimisation, the process involves analysing seed words to identify the levels of active competition as well as the words the general public are actually using for searches.

The results are a set of keywords and phrases that can be actively targeted where there is a high possibility of achieving an excellent ranking.

The results can also be surprising, for instance, we performed keyword analysis for a kitchen manufacturer, one of the seed phrases used was for “bespoke kitchens”.  This proved to be a highly competitive phrase, with a surprisingly low number of actual searches, turns out the general public search for “handmade kitchens”, where there were a lot of searches but much lower levels of competition.

On-page optimisation

On-page optimisation is about making sure the site is built correctly with good content structure which includes the target keyword for the page.

The use of best practice development, along with attention to detail are very important here.

Effective use of mark-up is also crucial, Freestyle are proponents of the good relations mark-upwhich explicitly tells the search engines how to interpret data.  We also make use of extensive Meta information, such as Dublin Core, Microformats and Geotags, along with the traditional Meta Tags.

Off-page optimisation

The creation of links to your website will increase your overall search engine ranking, however; links need to be created using techniques allowed by the search engines to avoid your website potentially being penalised.  Links also need to be created gradually, appear too fast and they will not appear natural.

There are several methods used to create links including, blogging, article submission, link exchange, forum and blog posts, directory listings and social media.

Freestyle are experienced at providing all of these services, please contact us for examples.

Freestyle offer the full range of SEO services have helped many business achieve excellent search engine rankings, please contact us for more information.