Did you know? 92.5% of the United Kingdom's Population is online, that's over 60 million people.

When it comes to WordPress, we’re the only experts you need.

Need a built-for-you WordPress theme? No problem, no matter how complex or tricky we’ll showcase your products and services.

Want us to be your secret development weapon? If you haven’t got your own development team in place but would like to offer it as a service to your clients our White-label development service is exactly what you need.

Not happy with the way your WordPress site is working? Is it slow and clunky and prone to unfortunate viruses? Your website needs our WordPress care plan. We ensure that your site is as fast as it possibly can be, keep it safe and avoid those nasty little infections, all for a small monthly fee.

We’ve found Chris to be fantastic. He has a great depth of knowledge combined with an ability to explain technical information in plain English. Chris fixes problems quickly and he has provided valuable guidance on how we can develop our online services further. Highly recommended

Kath, Head of Public Affairs at NAPAC, a national charity which supports adult survivors of childhood abuse.

Everything we do is unique and handcrafted

Freestyle is a digital development agency that concentrates on one simple thing - your audience. We understand what you want to achieve and the experience you want for your customers and we deliver it, every time.

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Bespoke WordPress Themes for when off the shelf doesn’t cut it

WordPress is the single most popular website development platform on the internet powering over 35% of the internet in 2020. Off the shelf themes, because they have to cater for so many different requirements of a diverse marketplace, are often slow and unwieldy.

Freestyle gives you everything you need and more with its bespoke WordPress theme development. No matter how complex and demanding your requirements, we code your theme from scratch to ensure your customers get a fully responsive experience irrespective of the device they use, that is lean, fast and does exactly what you need.

They’re simple to manage, even for technophobes, and we’ll guarantee scores of 90+ using Google Page Insights.
Our approach means that any design, no matter the complexity, can be integrated into the Wordpress CMS, the resulting theme works across device, beautifully responsively, is simple to manage for non-technical staff and fast, we will guarantee scores of 90+ using Google Page Insights.

WordPress Themes
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WordPress Care Plans that pamper your site and keep it happy

You wouldn’t buy a high-performance sports car and expect it to keep running without a thorough service and some TLC, would you?

Your WordPress website is that high-performance supercar.

To ensure it is fast, responsive and infection-free it needs to be looked after by a qualified technician.

That’s us.

We give you supercar grade maintenance for your website for a small monthly fee.

A WordPress Maintenance Plan, or WordPress Care Plan as we like to call it, gives your site the pampering it needs to keep it, spick, span and secure.

WordPress Care Plans
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WordPress Development that keeps you ahead of the curve

The version of jQuery shipped and supported by WordPress is changing from December 2020.

This is a significant change and means that it is likely aspects of your site's functionality and styling will cease to work following the WordPress 5.5 update.  This includes elements such as gallery, carousel, slideshow, video players, infinite load, tabs, content filters, accordion, mobile menu toggle, date picker, contact forms and many more.

WordPress jQuery Update Audit
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White Label Development that turns your designs into reality

Your beautiful designs and graphics deserve to be showcased. You know what you want to achieve, how it should all look on the screen, and we know how to make that happen.

We take everything you’ve created - images, logos, fonts and layouts and make them come to life on your website. It doesn’t matter what device or browser your visitors use, your site will always look amazing.

That’s the Freestyle difference, it’s what we do.

White-label Development

I have worked with Chris for over 10 years on various projects and websites. He is brilliant to work with, quick to understand what is needed and then able to offer a number of options – all with a smile! The website support from him and his team is also excellent. No hesitation in recommending his services.

Marco Presutto, Project Manager at EASO

We understand you

Freestyle doesn’t do off-the-shelf, quick-fix solutions. Everything we do is bespoke because if your website doesn’t reflect your true needs how can it connect with your audience?

We start every project by discovering who you are, what you do, why you do it and where you want to go next. Then we’re ready to build you exactly what you need, from the ground up with all the elements you need.

We’re Professional

At Freestyle, every project is run by a top-notch team of professionals – developers, designers, SEO and writers all overseen by a project manager who is at your disposal 24/7.

Whatever you need, whether it’s a robust content management system or a Progressive Web App that will be greeted with gasps of admiration, Freestyle can build everything you can dream of…

We’re experienced

We’ve been around for a while now. Chris started in the industry in 1996 and founded Freestyle in 2003, and over the years we’ve worked with every kind of business. At Freestyle, we scale our work to fit you, whether you have a corporate site or an independent start-up with an eCommerce solution, we can get the job done.

We believe looking to the future is as important as what we do today, so we always keep an eye on web design developments to ensure you’re ready for whatever comes next.

We have been working with Freestyle for more than five years. The assistance and support we receive has always been excellent. It is fast, efficient and always helpful.

Tim Edgar, Senior Adviser at Cambre